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The Summit Speakers topics will help you to find your Balance, Health & Creativity in the Workplace. 


The Summit Speakers cover the following topics:-

» Understanding the Concept of a Healthy Workplace.

» How to Implement a Successful Workplace Wellness Program.

» The Role and Responsibilities of Management in Creating a Wellness

Program within a Company.

» Making the Case for Workplace Wellness.

» Collecting of Employee Strategic Data to Design a Wellness Program.

» The Role of Incentives in Workplace Wellness Promotion and How to Drive and Increase Participation.

» The Need to address Whole Person Wellness in Workplace Wellness.

» Well Buildings and Architecture to Enhance Wellness in the Workplace.

» The Use of Innovative Technology in Workplace Health Promotion.

» The Need for Workplace Wellness Benchmarks and Standards.

» The Future of Workplace Health and Wellness.


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