The International Speakers that participate in the WELL Workplace Online Summit are Experts in the field of Health and Wellness in the Workplace. They will share their knowledge and expertise to the listeners from all over the world.

Summit Theme: “Creating Healthier Workplaces for All”



Dr. Steven Aldana is one of the US foremost experts on healthy living and worksite wellness. During his more than 20 years in academia, Dr. Aldana authored over 75 scientific papers and 7 books on health risk management, healthy living, and health promotion programs. He has given over 350 keynote speeches across the U.S. on the ability of good nutrition and regular exercise to prevent, arrest, and reverse many chronic diseases. His books have sold over 1 million copies and are used by 4,500 companies and corporations. Currently, Dr. Aldana is the CEO of Wellsteps, a worksite wellness solution that leads the nation in wellness program deployment and engagement.

CEO of Global Healthy Workplaces

Wolf Kirsten is a social entrepreneur and Founder of International Health Consulting based in Tucson, Arizona and Hamburg, Germany. His consulting portfolio is truly global, advising companies on health and well-being strategies. In addition, he has been consulting the World Health Organization (WHO) on developing global guidelines for Healthy Workplaces. Mr. Kirsten is co-founder of the Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces. He received his Master of Science in Health Promotion Management from American University in Washington.

President and CEO, Chapman Institute

Over the past thirty-five (35) years, Larry has been involved in the development of over 1,000 health management, employee wellness and health cost management projects in both private and public employer settings. His current areas of professional concentration include population health management, wellness and behavior change technology, worksite health promotion, demand management, integrated prevention, incentive technology and the use of innovative approaches to health management. Larry is the founder and current director for the WellCert Program. He has published over 190 articles and over 100 columns, contributed chapters to four major books and authored 13 other books on health management related topics.  

Workplace Wellness Strategist & Trainer

Katrina has over 22 years experience in the delivery of multi award-winning wellness and human capital solutions for medium to large workplaces across the globe. Katrina’s clients benefit from her experience delivering leading-edge solutions across a diverse range of industries. Katrina holds a Bachelor of Applied Science – Human Movement Studies (Hons1), Masters of Public Health (Hons1), Graduate Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Katrina is a sought-after speaker and trainer having presented throughout Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom.


Jim is the CEO and Co-Founder of HealthWorld Online, the world’s first Internet network for wellness, he is co-creator of the Wellness Inventory assessment and life-balance program. A wellness visionary, Jim has focused on bringing fundamental principles of wellness into mainstream cultural awareness for over 30 years. Jim has served on numerous boards, including the President’s Advisory Council for Bastyr University, the Board of Trustees of the American University of Complementary Medicine and the Institute of Natural Medicine, and the Advisory Boards of Nourish America.

CEO Arogya World

Nalini Saligram, Ph.D, is the Founder & CEO of Arogya World, a global health non-profit committed to changing the course of chronic disease. She is an Ashoka Fellow and the Co-Chair of the Taskforce on Women & NCDs. Under Nalini’s leadership, Arogya World designs and implements scalable, science-based diabetes prevention programs in Indian schools, workplaces, and the community. Nalini and her team are working hard to get 100 companies in India to become Healthy Workplaces and help 1 million employees lead healthier lives. Nalini has lived and worked in many parts of the world, including Philadelphia, Atlanta, London, and Hong Kong. Nalini has a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. She serves on the Dean’s Council at the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University and is a charter member of TiE Midwest.

Consultant & Coach

Bill McPeck is a solution-matter expert with a focus on employee health and well-being. Bill currently works as an independent consultant, trainer and coach. He previously served as Information Integration Manager for Viridian Health Management and as Director of Employee Health and Safety with Maine State Government, where he focused on employee wellness, employee safety, employee drug and alcohol testing and the state’s employee assistance program (EAP). Bill has experience working with large and small employers in both the public and private sectors. He has also authored and co-authored a number of articles published in both professional and trade publications and a book chapter. Bill earned his Master of Social Work from the Boston College Graduate School of Social Work in Boston, Mass.

CEO Global Women 4 Wellbeing

Mim Senft is a the CEO of Global Women 4 Wellbeing. Prior she was the Wellness Coordinator for National Financial Partners (NFP) and worked with more than 70 companies to help them create and grow impactful wellness programs. In addition to her experience in wellness program design, she has worked with both small employers and large national clients on benefits design and strategy and has more than 20 years of corporate experience. She is a Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist with the National Wellness Institute (NWI), has earned faculty status with the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) and has her Accredited Adviser in Insurance designation.

CEO Advancing Wellness

As CEO and founder of Advancing Wellness, Mari Ryan is a workplace well-being strategist guiding organizations to create people-centric workplaces. During her career, she has worked with businesses of all sizes from start-ups to global powerhouses such as Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, and Northrup Grumman. She brings a wealth of experience and expertise. Mari holds a Bachelor Degree from Lesley University, an MBA from Boston University, and a Masters in Health Promotion from Nebraska Methodist College. She is a certified Worksite Wellness Program Consultant and is a certified facilitator in a number of evidence-based behavior change programs. Mari is a member of the Board of Directors of Health Promotion Advocates,


Dr. Martin Combrinck (PhD) is a Corporate Wellness Architect - Involved in the Planning, Implementing and Sustaining of Workplace Wellness Programs. For the past 3 years Martin has researched and developed workplace wellness standards and benchmarks all over the globe.  In 2018 he founded the Wellness Council of South Africa (WELLCOSA) out of the need and necessity to certify companies as healthy workplaces in South Africa. His background in workplaces wellness started in the early 90’s through his wellness company Sanga Wellness. His focus shifted from delivering wellness solutions to wellness consulting – helping companies to implement successful workplace wellness programs.



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